Welcome to Her Paper Adventure

Wow, I can’t believe it, my blog is now live! Welcome to Her Paper Adventure guys!

So I started creating this blog back in July, I think? And I’m pretty excited that it’s finally ready. I feel like it should have been ready much sooner, but I was kinda nervous of reaching this point, so there may have been some stalling on my part haha. After some much appreciated help from the amazing bookish community, Esther @ Chapter Adventures in particular, I finally got the courage to go live with my blog, so thank you!

Please, follow, subscribe, comment! Everyone is welcome and I can’t wait to get started & get to know everyone!


6 thoughts on “Welcome to Her Paper Adventure

  1. I just started my blog this May and I’m still nervous about things will go! But it’s a lot of fun and I’ve really enjoyed it so far 🙂 Welcome to the bookish blogosphere!

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      1. It can be difficult… If you try to do more than you can handle. go at your own pace until you can handle more. 🙂 But I’ve met some awesome people and fellow bloggers, so it’s been really fun.

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