Top 5 Wednesday: 2017 Goals


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This weeks topic is, 2017 goals. I have some goals I’m looking to set this year in regards to reading/blogging, being more consistent with my posts and trying to fit in much more reading time etc. I also have a few personal goals set for the year, but I don’t tend to set myself many goals, I like to have a few that I know I can keep on top of, rather than loads and not being able to hit them all! So let’s take a look at my goals for 2017.

2017 Blogging Goal(s)

My blogging goal(s) for 2017 are, to be more consistent with posting and also to post more original content. I’m hoping to post around 4/5 times a week and not just memes. I don’t really like putting a limit on what I post, some weeks I have much more spare time on my hands and can prewrite out posts for upcoming weeks etc. but I’d like to be able to do at least 4 posts a week, one book review, one original post (discussion or something similar) and then a couple of memes, this means organising my time better and also investing in my own laptop (not relying on using my other half’s all the time!)


2017 Reading Goal

So last year I set myself a goal to read 150 books and I was doing so well, for a while back at the beginning of 2016 I was actually ahead of my goal by 5-10 books, then I got into a reading slump I just couldn’t get out of for months, meaning I missed my goal by something like 62 books. I was really disappointed in myself! I did start blogging at the end of 2016 too, which means I had quite a lot less reading time. So this year I’m setting myself a goal of 100 books to read and hopefully I can smash my target this time around. 🙂


2017 Bookstagram Goal

My bookstagram goal is a little like my blogging one, I need to be more consistent when it comes to posting! I love to take photos but it is very time consuming, doing a book photo shoot. So my goal for my bookstagram account is to be more involved in the monthly challenges, to post more photos and interact more with fellow bookstagrammers! You can add my bookstagram here, if you like!


2017 Personal Goal(s)

Save Those Pennies

My other half and I are saving to hopefully buy our own home within the next year (we’re going to be real life adults! So scary), so I have a lot of saving to do! A personal goal of mine for 2017 is to save. Not a very fun goal, I know, but once we have our own home it will have been soooo worth it, there is just one tiny problem though, there are so many books being released in 2017 that I need and although I love my kindle and its much cheaper, its just not the same as having the actual book in your hand. Sacrifices will have to be made somewhere..

Learn to Drive

Okay, I know this totally goes against my first personal goal of 2017, how can I save while learning how to drive? Learning how to drive is so damn expensive. I’m nearly 24 years old (it’s my birthday next month!) and I still can’t drive, I really need to. Public transport in the UK is bloody awful and unreliable as hell, driving is a must. So, although it’s not cheap, it will benefit the whole buying a house really, as it gives me and my partner many more options of places where we can live. Also, I’ve been saying I’d learn how to drive for about 3 years now and I still haven’t had one measly lesson. This needs to be done. I need to learn to drive.



4 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: 2017 Goals

  1. It’s great to read your goals!
    My main blogging goal is to blog in Spanish and English equally. I haven’t done that but I want to change in 2017. Other one is to be more in contact with other bloggers, which is kind of difficult for me.
    My reading goal is 50 books, last year was 100 and I completed it but this year I don’t want any pressure and I think I can easily read 50 books (lets hope so!)
    I came back to bookstagram again! I have had my acc for tw or three years but I had to take a break of a few months and rediscover my love for it. Now I’m back and I’m so happy s a goal might be to keep enjoying it!
    The saving goal is a great one! I’m so bad at saving money!


  2. I still haven’t learned how to drive either 😦 I gave up because both of my driver instructors flaked on me and I lost my part-time job around that time. I’d love to have my license though! Good luck with all your goals! 😀


  3. Very nice goals. I have pretty much the same blogging ones. And I haven’t learned how to drive yet either and I’m already 24. I’m just too afraid to do it! I won’t be able to afford a car in the longest time so it’s okay I guess haha. My mom learned to drive when she was much much older than me, so she always reminds me that age isn’t really important 🙂


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