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I was tagged by Brookie @ Brookie Cowles to do the unpopular opinions book tag, thank you! In this tag I’ll be answering questions about some of my favourite and least favourite popular books, lets get started…

A Popular book or series that you didn’t like:

The only one that’s coming to mind right now is, The Maze Runner. I got so bored around half way through the first book, I just decided to watch the film to find out the ending, instead of wasting my time finishing the book.

A popular book or series that everyone seems to hate but you love:

Okay, so this is less that people seem to hate this series, but more that I’ve never seen anyone actually talk about it, The Divinicus Nex Chronicles by A&E Kirk. Personally I love this series a lot and think the books are nothing short of hilarious.

A love triangle where the main character ended up with the wrong person or a OTP (one true pairing) that you don’t like:

I will never, ever, get over the fact that Alina didn’t end up with the darkling in The Grisha Trilogy, honestly I was devastated when I read Ruin and Rising. (Sorry if I just spoiled the book for you guys)

A popular book genre that you hardly reach for:

Hmm, probably YA Contemporary, out of all the genres I read, this is probably the one I read less of, although all the books I have read in this genre, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed.

A popular or beloved character that you do not like:

I’m currently sat staring at my bookshelves trying to wrack my brain for the characters I don’t like, because I bloody well know there’s plenty… But absolutely nothing is coming to mind, I’ll probably remember tomorrow and kick myself for forgetting!

A popular author that you can’t seem to get into:

Patrick Ness… I seriously think I started on the wrong book though, the first Patrick Ness book I read was The Rest of Us Just Live Here, and I really think I should have started with a different book, because I really didn’t enjoy The Rest of Us Just Live Here all that much, but I have heard amazing things about a lot of Ness’ other novels. I think, if I do ever pick up another Ness novel, it’ll be A Monster Calls.

A popular book trope that you’re tired of seeing:

Instalove and love triangles, seriously guys, no one ever looks at someone and falls instantly in love with them there and then, it just doesn’t happen. Also, love triangles suck.

A popular series that you have no interest in reading:

Right now (even though I have read the first book), I have no interest in finishing The Raven Cycle… I know, I’m sorry guys! The Maze Runner is another I’m not interested in reading.

The saying goes, “the book is always better than the movie”, but what movie or T.V show adaption do you prefer more than the book:

Again, The Maze Runner, I was definitely less bored watching the film.

I tag …

Esther @ Chapter Adventures


Aldii @ Perfection In Books

And… Done! 🙂 So, let me know what you guys think, which of my picks do you agree with and which do you not?



12 thoughts on “Unpopular Opinions // Book Tag

  1. I have not read The Maze Runner, but I haven’t heard great things about it, so I trust your opinion! As for The Raven Cycle, I did enjoy those books a lot, but I totally understand they are not for everyone. The writing can be a hit or miss.
    Thank you for tagging me and sorry for the super late reply!


  2. Love triangles totally suck and they are absolutely everywhere! I’m just not evolved enough for that. I do love (ha!) insta-love because sometimes I’m not in the mood for the stupid drama. There. I said it.


  3. I couldn’t get into the maze runner either! I think it was the writing because it just didn’t sit well with me.
    I hate love triangle, when done well (eg. The infernal devices, in my opinion) they’re good. But I’ve only seen them done well once
    – Yasmin

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    1. TID is actually another series where I read the first book and haven’t continued with the series, but I definitely want to, I think the love triangle kinda put me off a little, but if both of you guys are saying it was written well, I think I’ll give it another go 🙂

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  4. Ugh. Instalove and love triangles! Does anyone actually like them? Why are they everywhere!?!

    But I’m reading the dream thieves right now and what? Why are you not? Haha. Just joking. I’m really bad at reading sequels so there’s probably loads I could list for that question that would garner the same reaction.

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