Review: We Come Apart // A heartbreakingly, beautiful read.

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We Come Apart by Sarah Crossan & Brian Conaghan
My Rating: ★★★★☆

* I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Bloomsbury in exchange for an honest review*

When I first requested We Come Apart from NetGalley I had absolutely no idea it was written in free verse, or what free verse even was for that matter, I’d seen the book on someone’s Twitter or Instagram account (although I really don’t remember who’s) and I really liked the synopsis and wanted to read it. So it’s fair to say that when I started reading it, I was a little surprised with the way the book was written, a little is probably an understatement actually, I was really confused at first. For those of you like me that have absolutely no idea what free verse is, here’s a little description… Free verse is an open form of poetry, who knew? (If you’re still confused just search free verse online, it explains things much better than I can). Not only did We Come Apart totally surprise me with the way it was written but, it seriously surprised me that I absolutely loved the way it was written, see poetry isn’t really my thing, like at all, but I adored this book.

We Come Apart follows Jess and Nicu, its told in dual POV so we get both sides to the story. Jess lives in an abusive home and when she’s caught stealing one day, she’s given a community service order. Nicu has emigrated from Romania, struggling to fit in in England he’s also caught stealing and given a community service order, this is where Jess and Nicu meet. At first Jess is reluctant to give Nicu the time of day, but soon they become great friends. I really liked both main characters in their own, individual way. Nicu was adorable, he just wanted to make Jess happy, to see her smile and to be with her, even though he struggled with his own troubles, being bullied at school and struggling to find his place in England. Jess was sometimes a little harder to like, I don’t know exactly what it was about her that ticked me off sometimes, I just know it was there in the back of my mind, I think sometimes she came across a little bratty, but honestly with her home life being the way it was, it was extremely easy to overlook this and overall I still liked her.

We Come Apart was a very quick read, overall I think it took me a matter of hours to read this book, but I felt so immersed in Jess and Nicu’s lives after the first couple of pages. I kind of loved the ending too, I mean I definitely would have loved more from these two, but I just thought the ending was such a Nicu thing to do! I absolutely loved that this book was set in England, I don’t often read many books set in the UK and I really enjoyed that about this one. It’s really kind of a heartbreaking, beautiful story and I’m so glad I picked it up. I’ll definitely be checking out other books written by these authors and also, more books written in free verse.


Have you read this book (if you have, what did you think)? Or any other books by these authors? ♥


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  1. Awww, I am so glad you enjoyed this book!
    I am a huge fan of Sarah Crossan, I love her writing and the themes she decide to focus on.
    I think I will have to wait a bit more to get my copy because I am waiting for the paperback, but I will definitely read this!

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